Story Time Felts

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I am an independent consultant for this wonderful company for the second time. I would love to help you earn some free felt, you can email me for a free felt sample and catalog. Just because we are not in the same state doesn't mean you can not earn FREE FELT. Please contact me to discuss the ways in which YOU can earn FREE FELT

Story Time felt products are a great way to aid in the education of the child/children in your lives or occupation. Developed by a homeschool mom of seven these felts are color fast and washable. Products for younger children help to develop important motor skills such as hand eye coordination. For the middle school children learn important facts about the world we live in and can be taught using the Solar System, Music, or Map boards. All products come with literature which includes helpful suggestions for using them, some have reproducible activity or coloring pages. The story board sets and others have a CD which is optional. All learning styles are incorporated into learning with this product, they can see the beautiful brillant colors on the felt, touch and feel the softness of it, and listen as educators interact with them or by utilizing the CD's. 

New For 2010

Monthly Theme Workshops

We are very excited to be able to offer a thematic lesson plan and felt set each month in 2010. These sets will be ideal for daycares, preschools, teachers and families.


The lesson plan will be 6 to 10 pages in length with a two page outline and the rest will be full of activities, crafts, games, recipes and worksheets. The felt set will vary in size. The set including lesson plan and felt will range in a retail value from $10 to $20 depending on the size of the felt product.


Hostess will be able to obtain these items at a reduced cost or for free depending on the size of their workshop/party and customers for full retail price. It’s a new product every month!


This month is the Winter Fun Workshop with the Winter Scene Felt. It retails for $9.99.

This item is not avialable on the web site yet, if you would like to place an order please contact me

Work Shops Outlined


The first workshop, Winter Fun, has been sent and everyone LOVES it!


Workshops will always have the following:

A New Felt Set

Lesson Plan

3D Craft or Item to help with the lesson


The Lesson Plan will include the following:

A Cover Sheet: listing all the pages inside and all the felt product referenced

Attention Activity: A brief introduction of the theme (story, poem/nursery rhyme, game, etc)


Lesson: Teaching about the theme


Group Activity: An activity involving all the children (Bingo, Music, Memory/Concentration, Charades, etc.


Centers: Ideas for at least two Crafts, Two Learning pages and



Movement/P.E. Activity: Follow the Leader, Obstacle course, Tag, Mother May I, Musical Chairs, Finger Plays, etc.


Game Idea: to go with the theme


Guessing Jar Idea:


Snack: Any snack/recipe to further reinforce the theme.


Book ideas: Any books to enhance the theme.


Music/Poems: Used with any activities to match the theme.


Self Esteem Badges: Something that gives the child recognition, and also helps the child “teach” their parents about the theme. The badge may be given at any point in the lesson.


There may be a page of extra ideas in Literature, Math, and Science


As far as the themes for the month, there will probably be two lesson plans for each month (what a deal!). So two or more felt sets will be highlighted in the lesson plan but a lot will be mentioned. They are italicized in the lesson plan. When you buy a felt set it will go for more than one lesson throughout the year. Plus each month their will be a new felt set.


These are the ideas for the year that are planned and are subject to change:

          January: Winter Fun (Froggie Gets Dressed) and Winter Animals (The Mitten)  


February: Working Together as Family (Old Woman who lived in a Shoe), Working together as Friends (The Little Red Hen)


March: Whats Growing in the Garden (Mary, Mary Quite Contrary) Insects and Bugs (Bug Book)


April: Farm and Zoo Adventures (Farm and Zoo Toggle)


May: It's All About Me: Growing up, Feelings, Self Esteem, We are all unique (The Little Engine that Could)


June: Places to Go and Things to Do


July: Our World Around Us: Our House, Neighborhood, Town, City, State, Country, World (Table Top Town, US Map)


August: Things that Rhyme (Nursery Rhyme and Finger Play)


September: Back to Basics (School Fun Toggle, Toy Counter Math Set)


October: Tell Me a Story: How to tell a Story (Fairy Tales - Castle Tales)


November: Lights, Camera, Action: Acting (All the Classic Stories)


December: Let's Celebrate (Holidays around the world)



February Workshop

This month the theme is Working Together with Family and Friends. A very important subject for everyone to learn!

4702 Working Together Workshop
Uncut $14.99, Precut $17.99

This workshop contains tons of ideas to encourage working together. The favorite story that portrays helping and working together, Little Red Hen, is the new felt product that comes with the workshop.