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Contains unit study lessons both for printing out and others with links. Easy to use just click on the symbol for the topic of interest .
This Site includes a variety of online unit studies. This site is listed alphabetically for easy searching. I looked at the one on the Civil War and feel more can be done with this. As homeschoolers we are capable of taking something and adjusting it to meet our needs. One thing I will do with this unit is search the internet for worksheets. I will also pull words from the two books I selected for vocabulary.
This site will help one to better understand what a unit study is. Also included are articles about notebooking and lapbooks. Notebooks and lapbooks are a great addition to a unit study.
This site contains links for using unit studies, obtaining both online and through a vendor along with message boards geared towards unit studies. Not all of these links are live.
About.com has information to utilize with a state unit study. Most states require a student to do a study of their state. Also great for an over all country study.
While this site does not actually contain what I would consider to be unit studies, there are great suggestions here to apply to one. Includes a variety of topics such as your state, sports, music, Passover. There are links and suggested readings.
I like this site because not only are there unit studies, but also printables for notebooking and lapbooks. If you are not familliar with these terms do some research to find out how to incorporate them into your schooling. There are egroups on yahoo for both notebooking and lapbooking.

While this site does not have any type of lessons to follow it includes links and book suggestions which where extensive in the topics I looked at. There are links to lesson plans under some topics like chocolate. Also take a look at the seasonal items for lesson plans and themes.
This site contains literature units with notebooking or lapbooking incorporated. There are suggestions for history, science, and language which I noted. Of course as with anything you can pick and choose what you want to use. Books are broken down into groups for age groups which start at two and end at twelve.
This site is one of the best homeschool web sites I have ever seen and I boost about a lot. Here is there list of links for unit studies which includes Little House on the Prarie, virtual field trips, and so much more. Get your favorite drink and a comfy seat you will be here a while.
This site has a great number of links for online unit studies listed in alphabetical order.